Helpful Hints

Recommendation from one of our satisfied customers:

Check out the book "Welding, Fabrication & Repair, Questions and Answers" by Frank Marlow, 2002.  This is an excellent reference.  Over 300 pages, very well written.  Includes chapters on: Fabrication Basics, Basic Building Blocks, Pipe & Tubing, Bending & Straightening, Vehicle Welding, Welding Problems & Solutions, Strengths of Materials and Tools, Materials Supplies.  Lots of cool stuff to improve your next project.   Lots of hints on how to fix metal problems, including great illustrations.  Jigs, fixtures, repairs. Heat bending metal?  I-Beam work? Use welding to remove stuck bearing? Lots of good info, well organized.  This is an inexpensive tool to really improve your work.  (Suggestion from L.Corney, Warren MI)