The TubeNotcherPlus software program runs in your browser to create full size paper templates for fitting tubular structures.  Input your dimensions, printout a full size pattern.  Cut the pattern out with a pair of scissors.  Tape it to your tube. mark the cut lines with a Sharpie permanent marker.  Cut / file to the marked line. Perfect fit results!  Much cheaper than purchasing a fancy mill machine or tube notcher cutting fixture.  Check it out here on !!

This program is designed to run on a variety of operating systems and on a variety of internet browsers. It utilizes the Java Runtime Environment / Java Virtual Machine, a computer program that runs inside your browser. That program is supposed to make it so anybody on any computer can run the same program. It turns out there are different versions of Java. Because this program uses your printer and/ or access to your computer to save output files, it needs a pretty recent version of Java, version 1.6.10 or later. Additionally, not all browsers support the latest version of Java. In some cases Sun Microsystems, the developer of Java, has produced a product called the Java Plug-In, to accomodate different browsers. This program includes an automatic tool to accomodate all the varieties of operating system and browser. For most folks when you click on the link for this program, the system will verify that you have the correct version, and if is sees that you don't, it will automatically attempt to upgrade you to the latest version of Java. There is one thing.. it doesn't work that way for Apple Mac and Linux Operating Systems. Both Linux and Apple utilize different mechanisms to upgrade the Java version. In fact Apple writes their own version of Java.

If you want to verify your java version, you can do so in one of two places.   

This program requires Java 1.6_10   (I think that means if you need Mac OS X Leopard...) 

Apple computers:

Apple folks can update their operating system at:

This program, which includes accessing the user's printer for paper output, requires Java 1.5.x

Additionally Apple Mac folks may have to enable the Java Plug In. Go to your Mac Utilities Folder, Open the choice "Java Preferences" You will get a pop up box. In the General Tab, choose the selection Run applets: ( ) In their own process. To aid in understanding I also recommend going to the Java Preferences Advanced Tab, and select Java Console ( ) Show console. That selection will give you a Java Console Menu button (Cup of Coffee) on the top menu bar of your Safari Browser. The program should display and run correctly. You can use the Java console for additional feedback / potential error messages from the Java Plug-In.

Linux Operating System:

The Linux O/S will automatically download the correct version of Java Run Environment directly from Sun Microsystems, but you will have to install it yourself. Best to see the help screens of your particular Linux implementation for complete instructions on how to add Java to your system.

last update: 15 Feb 2010 -- LBC

If you have questions about the TubeNotcher+ program or suggestions for improvements, best to ask the programmer directly.. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Streaming Movie -- Using DXF output button on an Apple / Mac Computer

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