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It sure is cold, good time to get welding if I can help over the phone please call.


January to April 2013
As many of you know, I try to show the capabilities of the Cobra torch by when ever possible. Over the past year I have helped customers over the phone that purchased the torch it is rewarding I spent 10 years selling and demostrating the torch met a lot of wonderful people and will help over the phone or take new orders. I have change jobs and selling grain bins to farmers I love helping people, if you need help fill free to call.
Take It To The Job !

The DHC 2000 Torch requires only 4 PSI for both Oxygen and Acetylene gas.  This allows the user up to 4 hours average use from the R size (20 lb) oxygen and MC size (10 lb) Acetylene botles.  Unlike a plasma cutter, there is no need for a power source.  This is the ideal onsite welding and cutting tool.

In addition to cutting steel and iron products, the Cobra Torch can assist in cutting other materials.  It provides a controlled melt cut on aluminum and stainless steel.  Note: the Cobra torch will not directly cut brass or copper.

Who needs a Cobra Torch?

Anybody who works in any area of metal fabrication.  Welding, bending, cutting metal.  This tool excels, really excels at all aspects of heating, welding and cutting.

  • Offroad or racing enthusiasts.  Great tool for making a vehicle frame or roll cage.
  • Farriers / Blacksmiths.
  • Farmers, mechanics and others who maintain machinery.
  • Artists who work in metal work.  This tool cuts, heats, welds AND sculpts metal.
  • Street rodders and folks who repair / rebuild cars.  This tool is great on sheet metal.
  • folks who build things our of tubular steel.. custom bicycle builders, folks who build their own airplanes, even for that go-kart for the kids.
  • Folks making or repairing metal furniture for the home or business.
  • Professionals who work in the machine shop, in the field or on the factory floor can use this torch in a variety of operations.
Versatile DHC 2000

DHC 2000, What's a DHC 2000?  As some of you may know this great product has a little bit of history.  This design has gone by three different brand names... Dillion, Henrob and Cobra (DHC) .  To keep it simple and respect its history, the torch is now a DHC 2000.  What ever the name, its still a great product.  The DHC 2000 welds and cuts:

  • Aluminum
  • Mild Steel
  • Stainless
  • H.S. Steel

  • Cast Iron
  • Copper
  • Alloys
  • Brass/Copper (Welding only)


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